Young Kids And Horses Need To Jump

Just how young you choose to go is entirely up to you. You could go as far as suggesting young adults. You could talk about full grown adults who remain young at heart. But in the main, as a parent or training instructor, your concerns could lie with young kids ranging from age as young as three years to ten. And then there are the horses. Young kids and horses have something in common. They love to run and jump. They need to run and jump. So, kids horse jumps come into their own.

kids horse jumps

Horse riding instructors know this well surely. In any event, even without the kid on the horse’s back, the young horse will be put through its own paces. Inasmuch that it still loves to run and jump, the young colt or filly needs to be taught a set of co-ordinatory skills. It may be sad for some animal lovers out there but gone are the days when horses are free to roam the fields. They are now required to fulfil their subservient roles. Apart from giving young kids much pleasure, the horses, once they reach adult age, are being drawn into commercial activities.

But even so, there could be a silver lining to this commercial enterprise. It is in the horse’s instinctive nature to have the freedom and ability to run at a fast pace and jump to high horses. Under controlled circumstances certainly, the horses are able to have the times of their lives, competing with each other to get to the winning post first or produce the most majestic demonstrations of poise whilst flawlessly negotiating a showjumping course, never clipping a single barrier. All this, of course, does take time and practice.