Caricaturing Life and Business is a Pleasing Art

Here is a bit of confusion on the side of a guy who knows next to nothing about art. He cannot seem to take a cartoonist seriously as an artist. It has never entered his mind to ask the question. Is cartooning or caricaturing a form of art. Of course, most of you reading this right now will agree that, yes of course, cartoon or caricature chicago work is but one of the many genres of sketched, painted or sculpted art.

As for the poor guy who does not seem to know much about art, let alone appreciate it, poor soul, maybe he’s lacking in a sense of humor. Maybe you know someone like this. Maybe he’s been down in the dumps lately. And maybe you and the cartoonist can gang up together. You can commission the caricaturist to prepare a small surprise gift for someone like this. Who knows, maybe he’ll turn the corner.

And the next time you see him, maybe he’s still giggling. Wouldn’t that be nice? Anyways, caricatured illustrations are great gifts and marketing and advertising ploys for personal occasions and business respectively. You could use this guy if you’re trying to add a touch of humor or positivity to your blog or website, doesn’t matter whether its personal or business-related. It’s good to take the mickey out of someone you know.

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Better still, it’s good to try your luck with someone you haven’t been getting along with. Who knows, maybe he’ll be turning a corner too. And then let’s be friends, as the saying goes. Cartoons are great for those who are in hospital or sick in bed. But then again, you might need to be careful with this one. Because mind those stiches.